Black Lightning – Season 2, Episode 1: “The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies”


Black Lightning is back on the air and this season starts off with a powerful opening. A black teenager is assaulted and killed by police officers as bystanders look on in fear. Why was this teen harassed to begin with? Well, he is suspected of being a green light baby,  people who took the drug of the same name and now possess dormant powers on par with Black Lightning.

One of the green light babies

One thing Black Lightning never fails to deliver is social commentary on racial tension, police brutality, and systemic injustice. The police killing this teen and witnesses catching it on camera is another day in America. The church pastor preaching on about how enough is enough represents how we all feel. Police are using this green light power threat as an excuse to harass the black community.

That is just the tip of the iceberg for the community and our heroes. Jefferson Pierce is at risk of losing his job and school because he was never around when the school was in danger. Of course, we know he was busy saving everyone as Black Lightning, but the school board doesn’t know that. Meanwhile, his ex-wife, Lynn, is being interrogated about her involvement with Black Lightning and how she discovered the pods of green light babies.

Just when you think you are filled to the brim with plot details and social commentary, Black Lightning reminds you that it has some entertaining action scenes. In one of my favorite action scenes of the series, Syonide ambushes A.S.A agent Kara Fowdy. What takes place is a fierce fight that involves high heels all set to “It Takes Two.” Afterwards, the show settles down and focuses on Jefferson’s two daughters, Anissa and Jennifer Pierce. Jennifer’s powers are unstable and highly volatile and the family split on what to do what to do with her. This makes for a compelling watch because she is the only one in the family who doesn’t want her powers. Meanwhile, Anissa is dressed in all black, robbing criminals and giving the money to the church to help their legal fees. The scene in which she steals the money and fights the goons is a superpowered version of the Daredevil hallway scene and yes, it is amazing.

Jennifer’s powers have the family torn

The episode leaves quite a few questions for the audience. How are the green light babies going to deal with both the government and their powers? Will Jennifer be able to control her powers? How does the new green light baby introduced midway in the episode tie into the plot? For now, Black Lightning gives returning fans everything they wanted, with just enough teases to make you eager for the next episode.

Black Lightning is back


Black Lightning airs at 9 pm Eastern every Tuesday on the CW.

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