Contributing to Film Daze

The enthusiasm of the film community has excited us, inspired us, and continues to help us grow. We welcome pitches from new voices and past contributors, but before you pitch to, here are a few tips to give your pitch the best possible chance:

(Note: We are not currently looking for any new staff/regular contributors, so unless it concerns festival coverage, please only pitch us one-off pieces. We are not interested in reviews for films/series that have already been released).

We commission most of our festival coverage from current staff/regular contributors, so please do not pitch us festival coverage unless you see it on our call list. 


1. INITIAL CHECK. Review the site before pitching any coverage, as we may have already covered that film or series. If we have something similar, make it part of your pitch to double down on your specific lens – what makes your piece unique? What makes it necessary?

2. TITLING. This is the first bit we see, and it’s important to immediately let us know what you’re pitching for. If you’re pitching for our “Vampires” issue, this should be the first thing we see. Additionally, if not in the subject line itself, the title of your potential piece should be early on in the email – it helps us know what you’re pitching, and helps you frame the rest of your pitch.

3. BE SPECIFIC. We often receive multiple pitches on the same piece of media, and it’s up to you to convince us why yours should be the one we go for. Make your pitch as focused and individual as possible – pitch rejections are most commonly down to just being too broad. To avoid this, we suggest having a title in mind for the piece when you pitch it, as this should prompt you into being specific. 

4. TIMING. Holidays and anniversaries are great moments to eye up, but time it appropriately (e.g. don’t pitch for a Christmas piece in February!) It’s okay to sit on a pitch until the time is right – we’re unlikely to approve something 2+ months ahead. 

5. PORTFOLIOS. Links to entire portfolios are welcome, but always send us 1+ specific links to your previous work. If you’re pitching a feature, send us a feature – if possible, what you send should always be the most representative of what you’re going to end up writing. 

6. MULTIPLE PITCHES. We appreciate the enthusiasm, but the more ideas you present to us in one email, the more you risk undermining those pitches. Please try and limit it to 1-3 detailed and well-thought-out ideas. This won’t be your only shot – we will always consider any emails sent to us, so take your time!   


$20 for reviews

$40 for features (articles, essays, think pieces, listicles, and Patreon/newsletter features*)

$150-250 for select festival coverage (based on the amount of coverage)

Film Daze is operated by a small group of young, diverse individuals. The more donations we receive, the more we can pay our writers and editorial staff.


Call List 

Here is what else we are particularly interested in now:

  • Timely anniversaries essays/features
  • Timely essays/features/reviews on newly released films and series
    • Television including any other new releases
    • We are especially interested in reviews/essays on new releases that have a strong voice and point of view. See here for a recent example of a review with a strong angle.
  • Criterion Channel/Criterion Collection features (check channel calendar)