Contributing to Film Daze

The enthusiasm of the film community has excited us, inspired us, and continues to help us grow. We welcome pitches from new voices and past contributors, but before you pitch to, a few tips, and guidelines to give your pitch the best possible chance:

1/ CHECK. the site before pitching any coverage. This one’s very straightforward, but you’d be surprised at how often people pitch a review that we’ve already got. As for features, if we have something similar, make it part of your pitch to double down on your specific lens!

2/ TIMING. Holidays and anniversaries are great moments to line up your pitch, but time it appropriately (e.g. don’t pitch for a Christmas piece in February!) It’s okay to sit on a pitch until the time is right – we’re unlikely to approve something 3+ months ahead

3/ PORTFOLIOS. Links to entire portfolios are welcome, but try to send us 1+ specific examples of your work – and if you’re pitching a feature, send us a feature (etc.) it saves us rooting around for a relevant example, and it’ll work in your favor to send us your very best!


Senior Editor Chris Shortt



$10 for reviews

$15-20 for articles, essays, think pieces, and listicles

$25 for interviews

$40-50 for video edits and video essays

Film Daze is operated by a small group of young, diverse individuals. The more donations we receive, the faster we can increase our rates.