Introducing New Pay Rates and Patreon Changes



Film Daze runs between 15-35 pieces a month, with the average pay being 15 dollars per piece. The low pay for the amount of work and high volume of work is usually not worth the headache for both our writers and editors. So, how do we make it worth it?

Effective July 2021-February 2022, we are shaking things up.

Come July, we are discontinuing the Film Daze digital magazine. Pieces published within Issue 1-8 of the magazine will be made available on the site within the next several months. The pdfs of Issue 1-6 will be available for individual purchase at a later time. 

Starting in July, Film Daze will now send out a call list for things we would like to see pitches on and published each month. This call list will be made available on Twitter as well as the Film Daze website under our Submission page.

Here are a few pieces that represent the kind of work we’re looking for:

Permission to Yearn: The Problem with the Popularity of White Lesbians in Period Films


‘Gone Girl’, ‘A Simple Favor’, and ‘Big Little Lies’: White Womanhood and Criminality as Entertainment


‘Candyman’: A Survey of America’s Historical Aversion to Urban Blackness


Homosexual Erasure in ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’


Exploring the Visual Themes of Makoto Shinkai’s ‘Your Name.’


The Twilight Saga’s Issue with Indigenous Culture


Writers will be paid $40 per essay/feature/interview. Payments will be sent 45 days after the piece is published.

Editors are paid $10 for these pieces.

Writers will be paid $20 for one-off reviews and editors are paid 5 dollars per edit.

Festival coverage will be done by a combination of 1-3 handpicked staff writers and freelancers who pitch festival coverage. Writers will be paid $150 for at least 5 reviews/essays/interviews and 200 for 8+ reviews/essays/features/interviews. Anything below 5 will be paid based on the new pay rate of $20 per review and $40 for a feature essay/interview.

Editors would be paid $10 for each festival piece they edit.

The goal is to only publish 5-9 pieces a month outside of festival coverage. The eic/staff will decide which festivals we want to cover. 


Patreon Changes

Most of our funding comes from Patreon and Substack, without it we would not be able to make any of this possible. We will be introducing a new $2 tier for people who wish to just donate and show their support.

Our $5 tier will now serve as early access to pieces that go up on Whether it be a day, a week, or even a month early, you will be able to read the majority of our new pieces before anyone else. 

Our $8 tier patrons and annual subscribers will now be featured on our special Patron page/thank page located on the main site come July.



FD Team

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