Criterion Month: The celebration of Ingmar Bergman’s 100th birthday and everything Criterion related


Earlier this month, I reached out to Much Ado About Cinema admin Megan Christopher about our two sites working together next month for what I called “Criterion Month.” The idea was to publish content in honor of the month-long sale held by Barnes&Noble at the beginning of July. After noticing Ingmar Bergman’s 100th birthday is in July, we figured it was logical to have a focus on the late director.  Little did I know my idea would blossom into a full-on collaboration between four other sites and numerous supporters in the film critic society.

Each site listed below will be publishing a variety of content unique to their site to align with Criterion Month. I highly encourage you to visit each site throughout the month to obtain the full experience. This is the first time numerous independent film sites have joined forces, and hopefully our voices don’t go unheard. If you have a site, write a blog or would otherwise like to support this extraordinary collaboration, then hashtag #CriterionMonth on twitter along with the tag Criterion Month on your site.

Sites we are collaborating with:


Screen Queens

Her Head in Films

Much Ado About Cinema

Criterion Month

Thank you to all the current and future supporters. Let’s make July a month to remember.


Carl Broughton

Creator of Film Daze


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