‘On the Basis of Sex’ Review

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the unkillable Supreme Court Justice, is brought to life in this light and fluffy biopic.

‘Vice’ Review

Christian Bale is former Vice President Dick Cheney in yet another incredible transformation.

‘Green Book’ Review

Mahersala Ali and Viggo Mortensen hit the road on a tour of the Deep South.

Waiting for the Miracle to Come

Fairytales are stories of wonder and sparkles that grant the viewer a fantastical world with a heartwarming message. They touch people of all ages and unite them under themes of adventure, love,

Texas Cotton

Film festivals often market their hard hitting dramas for obvious enough reasons. With awards season coming up, festivals trade accolades for recognition as an upstanding film festival that promotes quality. Rarely do

AFF 2018: Vox Lux

Opening the Austin Film Festival is the relentless, stressful, and gorgeous Vox Lux. Directed by Brady Corbet and starring Raffey Cassidy and Natalie Portman, this film is labeled as a portrait of

The Shining

There is a certain generation of directors whose filmography would span genres and they would use their unique voice to tell all sorts of stories with equal parts respect and creativity. Every

Barry: Season One

A comedy about a hardened criminal immersing himself into the world of aspiring actors and acting classes? Honestly, sounds like an 80s Kindergarten Cop sort of scenario without nearly as much Schwarzenegger entertainment

‘Thunder Road’ Review

Austin, Texas is a center for humanist, independent cinema. It is also my hometown. If you grow up in such a market and see the kinds of success that comes from Austin,

Red River

Seventy years ago today, a motion picture was released immortalizing the drama and danger of the rancher. Howard Hawks directing with John Wayne and Montgomery Clift starring, this tale of betrayal, action,