Brian De Palma: Obsessed with the Image

Brian De Palma has proven again and again over his decades-long career to be one of cinema's finest provocateurs, fascinated with how people can manipulate images and how those images can, in

Tom Cruise: The Paranoid Performer DONE

With small gestures and shifts in expression, Cruise shows his characters' intense distrust and alertness, and in turn, fills us with tension – anxiously awaiting what will happen next.

‘The Sopranos’: 20 Years Later DONE

Its story may have been centered around the New Jersey mafia, but The Sopranos spoke on many modern-day concerns regarding family dynamics, the rise of corporate culture and consumerism, and older generations' nostalgia for

One-Eyed Jacks

“Now let’s see the kinda stuff you’re made of.” The most famous role Marlon Brando played—years before Don Vito Corleone or Colonel Walter E. Kurtz—was that of Terry Malloy, a poor dockworker,