‘Integrity’ Review

Alan Mak returns with a new thriller, the proposed first installment of a new trilogy, but Infernal Affairs this is not; Integrity is a dull exercise, lacking ambition and thrills.

‘Pegasus’ Review

Han Han's sports comedy is packed with big laughs and draws upon his background as a rally driver to flesh out a routine comeback story with credible and authentic detail.

‘The Wandering Earth’ Review

Frant Gwo's adaptation of Liu Cixin's short story is the biggest blockbuster of the Chinese New Year box office season, successfully imitating a large swath of Hollywood influences, for good and bad.

‘Bumblebee’ Review

Christina Hodson's script provides a sweet, empathetic rebuke to the relentless toxicity of the previous Transformers films.

The Night Comes for Us

Timo Tjahjanto's relentless action gorefest contains some wild fight scenes, but is burdened by a bloated running time.

May the Devil Take You

Timo Tjahjanto's new horror film is somewhat tired in concept, but buoyed by some thrilling camerawork.

Robin Hood (2018)

Hollywood's latest take on the classic tale is currently in theatres, and you could go watch it, but why?

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