‘Roma’ Review

Alfonso Caurón's latest achievement is brimming with virtuosic qualities, but it might be too beautiful for its own good.

‘Wildlife’ Review

Carey Mulligan is radiant in Paul Dano's magnificent directorial debut.

First Man

At first glance, a Neil Armstrong biopic might seem like a peculiar choice for Damien Chazelle, coming off the heels of his deeply personal one-two punch of Whiplash and La La Land.

LA Film Festival: The Advocates

The state of California is in a housing crisis. Gone are the days of the California Dream, when a person could realistically expect, so long as they had a decent job, to

LA Film Festival: Making Montgomery Clift

Legacy is a tricky thing. As a species, we have a tendency towards propping up certain narratives and ideas as definitive, but the totality of life defies such narrow constrictions. It’s nice

‘The Old Man & the Gun’ Review

“I’m not talking about making a living—I’m just talking about living.” If you loved doing something—and I mean really loved it, so much so that you felt it was essential to the core

LA Film Festival: We Have Always Lived in the Castle

Earlier this week, my colleague Kevin Lever reviewed Netflix’s spooky new series The Haunting of Hill House, based on the Shirley Jackson novel of the same name. I suppose with October just around

LA Film Festival: Microhabitat

If you were to catalogue my favorite films of all time, you’d quickly discover a certain strain of emotion that characterizes a large portion of them: melancholy. Inside Llewyn Davis, Alice in

Letter From Masanjia

In the summer of 1999, everything changed for China’s seventy million or so Falun Gong practitioners. Introduced in 1992, the spiritual movement had grown rapidly by emphasizing common sense ideals: truthfulness, compassion,

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