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‘Last Sunrise’ Review

Last Sunrise threatens to be pointed and timely, but it ends up feeling like most of the discourse on energy and climate change: uncommitted and directionless.

‘Pegasus’ Review

Han Han's sports comedy is packed with big laughs and draws upon his background as a rally driver to flesh out a routine comeback story with credible and authentic detail.

‘The Wandering Earth’ Review

Frant Gwo's adaptation of Liu Cixin's short story is the biggest blockbuster of the Chinese New Year box office season, successfully imitating a large swath of Hollywood influences, for good and bad.

ReelAsian22: Dead Pigs

Cathy Yan's debut feature takes it sweet time juggling a lot of different plot threads, but the journey is worthwhile.

Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings

The third installment of the Detective Dee series starts strong, but slowly devolves into the nonsensical CGI spectacle of Tsui Hark's other recent films.

Big Fish & Begonia

After scoring big at the Chinese box office, this ambitious film hit Western shores with little fanfare, but animation fans should not be sleeping on it.

Animal World

Han Yan's latest film signals the start of China's summer movie season, but it's a rough start, offering uneven entertainment.