61 Hugs: An Interview With Writer CK Goldiing

Crippled by a lifetime of overthinking, CK is a typical artist – forever worried about rejection, people’s perceptions and how things look. One day, he is challenged to leave his house, walk

47 Metres Down

I once backed out of scuba diving at the last-minute. So very last minute that the instructors didn’t even get the chance to stop me, because by the time they noticed what


The premise of TAU is a simple one. We open with urban nightlife and meet a mysterious young woman living a life of crime. Saving up her money in order to progress


Arrival‘s non-linear structure weaves in and out like memory, stitching together pieces of a puzzle. The question, answer, and method is in front of you the whole time, and on re-watch, it’s

The Hours

The Hours weaves together the lives and time of three incredibly different but pain-sharing women with fascination. You have to marvel at the sheer delicacy in the structure of the different narrative


Carol encapsulates what we shouldn’t be able to encapsulate. The dull lifelessness of longing for someone, and the painful but hopeful process of someone’s meaning growing in your life. It puts all

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