Jenna Kalishman

Jenna Kalishman is a freelance writer and cinephile based in Colorado who often focuses on female and queer perspectives as well as female-led projects. She spends much of her free time listening to Stevie Nicks and re-watching Carol. You can find her on twitter @jenkalish.

Experimental Film: Maya Deren

Experimental and avant-garde film is generally defined as being made outside of the film industry on an artisanal basis and disregarding and redefining the traditional structures of narrative film. Many experimental films


Blindspotting is incredibly bold. It tackles systematic racism, police brutality, gentrification, and the deep-seated flaws of the American prison system in an electrifying, intense, and vibrantly artistic manner. Despite the ultimate heaviness


Five orphaned sisters, Lale (Günes Sensoy), Selma (Tugba Sunguroglu), Nur (Doga Zeynep Doguslu), Ece (Elit Iscan), and Sonay (Ilayda Akdogan) race down to the beach to frolic in the water with their


Manifesto, directed and created by Julian Rosefeldt, is a film—originally art installation—that is difficult to define. In it, Cate Blanchett takes on 13 different personas, each one reciting a different artistic or

100 Great Films Directed or Written by Women

I have put together a collection of what I consider to be noteworthy films directed or written by women. There is no particular order to the list (I do not know if


Opening with a haunting and bewildering series of disturbing and explicit images, which go unexplained, Ingmar Bergman’s Persona is brilliantly intense. Renowned as one of the most well-edited sequences in film, it

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